Exhorter Clues:


1.  Crosses barriers whether they are social, racial, economic, religious

2.  Is hortizontal in focus and "people" focused

3.  Can share faith easily

4. Sklled in creating and sustaining relationships

5. Extroverted

6.Can argue or debate without alienating

7.Not intimidated by new truths or ideas

8. Networker


10. Flexible;  can abandon one plan for a new opportunity

11.Can seem superficial because he seems to be "up" most of the time

12.Doesn't always get things done he intends because he focuses on the urgent

13. Can be vulnerable in order to help others become vulnerable

14. Struggles with discipline and time

15.Reconciles conflicts with ease

16.Initaties projects then moves on

17.Attuned to how long it might take people to accept new ideas

18.Tactful, gracious

19.Governs by relationship and persuasion, not by principle

20.Communicates who God is to others

21.Sees spiritual lessons, especially in pain and suffering

22.Can surround himself with followers who overlook and cover his shortcomings

23.Works very hard

24.Hates to alienate or feel rejected because people matter so much;  can cause immature exhorter to  hold back on speaking the truth