Chefs by Redemptive Gifts

The list is inverted from the usual order:


Mercy:  Ina Garten and Demaris  Phillips, Cake Boss

Why?  If you think about these three chefs, they create beauty, and to enter their domain, is to enter a place of comfort and beauty.  There is something one "feels" about each of them that they are warm, welcoming, and the enviorment they create is the same.  Ina Garten always serves her meals in a beautiful setting with flowers she has picked from her garden.  Demaris keeps her spices in beautiful blue mason jars and everything about her kitchen feels like comfort and peace.  She exudes charm and comfort and she cooks comfort food.  The "Cake Boss" uses his gift to celebrate people and life, and he takes a great deal of time to perfect the details on his cakes.  His staff, assembled because of their like minded spirits, seem to have fun with their creations.  It is not about money or fame, but very down to earth goals of making customers happy with their creations.

Ruler:   Bobby Flay  

Mr. Throw Down himself who thinks he can outcook the best in their fields and thrives on the challenge it presents him.  His personality is commanding, and when he is in the room, say judging contestants for Food Network Star, he seems to be the one in charge.  

Giver:    Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck

These two men have made themselves into product names.  Wolfgang Puck was one of the first celebrity chefs, and he has restaurants all over the U.S..  They each have a number of restaurants and products, like cookware or special spices.  They are chefs, but with a salesman edge.


Exhorter:  Jamie Oliver, Mario Battali,  Paula Deen 

These three are game changers, which is always the destiny and role of the exhorter.  They have influenced the whole culture with their own values.  Jamie tried to fight obesity in American schools.  Mario has taught the culture about true Italian cuisine, and Paula made Southern comfort food a national obsession.  They have big, compelling personalities and while they are good chefs, they are also masters of influence and the feeling of the joy and comfort of food and community.

Teacher:  Alton Brown

Alton is a great teacher, explaining methods and why they work and approaching cooking like a science that he unravels for us.  It is his goal to find the best way to do everything, and then challenge himself to unravel it and explain it to his audience.  

Servant:  Ree Drummond

Interesting that Ree, as a servant,  lives in Oklahoma, a servant state.  She is very happy to be on the land there, "in the middle of nowhere," and whatever she cook is  delicious. (I know because I try her recipes a lot.)  But whatever she cooks is designed "serve someone" and she cooks it to please them or honor them.   She is always loading up her car and driving out to where everyone is working with lunch, or breakfast.  She has family over to eat, and she is eager to make every occasion a chance to serve delicious food and honor the ones she loves.

Prophet:  Gordon Ramsey, Robert Irvine

These two are "out of control" as prophets.  They are driven to excellence, demanding, relentless, vocal, passionate, and brutal.  They scream and stomp about, but their reasons are the same:  they know that people are floundering and they could do much, much better.  Each one is able to see what the root of the problem is and to know how to fix it.  They often wound and have to come back around to heal relationships before people will listen to them.  Neither is a good example of a prophet in maturity that can point out problems and find solutions without all the ranting and raving.  When people do follow their advice, it often works very well and the restaurants they "save" are actually saved.  Despite their extreme tactics they often have the truth and cause people to rise up and believe in themselves and their abilities to succeed.  They demand excellence, and when they get it, success follows.  

Having said that, I realize that each could be seen as ruler, and they both do thrive under pressure and enjoy putting others under pressure.  They are both task oriented and can see how to accomplish the necessary tasks to improve a situation.  

But the fact that they come in and dismantle the lies and denial that are causing  the restaurants to fail, and come up with a plan to rescue them, makes me think prophet.  They never think a task is too great, or that people can't be helped.  They are usually highly regarded at the end of the mission because they have set a good path of success and demonstrated, despite their cruelty at times, that they care about the people and their success.  Theirs is a process of tearing down and building up, which is prophet.